The oldest healing method of the world, Indian Classic Ayurveda balances spirit, body and mind for a healthier and longer life. The objective is to maintain the health of the healthy ones and to heal the patients.


This therapy relaxes body, spirit and mind extraordinarily. This traditional massage stimulates the energy canals in the organism and activates blood circulation and energy flow. Therapy is applied to whole body with heated oil with the individual lying on his/her back. It is performed with the pressure of your body weight solely. When the therapy is over, you will feel like you are on the clouds.


A perfect relaxation combination with Abhyanga and Shiradora. An extraordinary massage relaxing and vitalizing your body, mind and spirit with hot herbal oils. This therapy relaxes neural system and refreshes emotions. It cleans and activates energy canals. The therapy starts with flowing hot oil on the brow and applied on whole body.


The therapy starts with flow of hot oil on the head. It is applied on head and low-neck area. Continuous flow of healing oil is a matchless therapy of 5000 years having been applied in order to banish spiritual stress from the body and to maintain tranquil mental health.