Horoscope Massage

Each of the astrological sun signs have a signature personality type and rule a part of the body’s anatomy and systems. Here are a few lighthearted tips for massage and the sun signs.



you feel the peace in your body and skin using geranium, flag, daisy, pine and melon essences aries massage oil.


geranium, melon, linden, lavender and aloe balance your life energy and you feel the quietness with pisces massage oil.


you feel silken touch in your skin and your blood circulation is activated with massage oil; essences with lily, hazelnut, mint, almond and melon.


harmony and symmetry comes together in leo. it gains its energy with leo special massage oil mixed with almond, lavender, chamomile, mint and daphne.


it takes its body energy from sagittarius massage oil that has essences of grapefruit, carnation, blackberry, cinnamon and violet.


you feel the balance of energy in your body with special massage oil; essences with violet, kiwi, geranium, cumin and linden.


flag, lavender, carrot, rose, fennel essences provide energy to gemini. you feel the quietness in your body and skin.


you feel balance of energy in your body with special capricorn massage that has essences of violet, mint, strawberry, aloe vera and kiwi.


taurus massage oil has daisy, aloe vera, cinnamon, apple and linden’s placatory effects. you feel the patience in your body and soul.


libra massage oil has essences of apple, strawberry, banana, blackberry and pine. you feel the silken touch in your skin.


you take the energy from special massage oil with linden, sage, lavender, strawberry, melon essences.


they need to balance their energy from scorpion massage oil that has essences of aloe vera, violet, grapefruit, daisy and daphne.